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What Woman Secretly Wants In Bed

Talking about love-making with my friends is fairly a remarkable practical knowledge. Pretty much the other day, I questioned among my girl friends exactly what they secretly desire for their man to do to her during sex, Respond was not what I predicted. Generally my girl friends had a summary of a lot of problems.

"Well, he on no account kisses me while we make love. I dislike that. After that there’s the point that he hardly ever, if ever, goes down on me. Just in case that’s not unpleasant enough, he’s finished before I actually get wet."

"No," I claimed, "what I am talking about is, do you possess a hidden sexual desire which you dream he could simply telepathically grab on?" And that’s when the discussion deepen…

It’s so intriguing the amount of women point the finger at men whenever the sex is poor, however in no way they believe that possibly it’s their fault as well. Even so after listening to just what girlfriends, colleagues, roommates had to state, I believe I could certainly provide men around the world a summary of erotic fantasies that possibly your current woman is desiring you’d perform on her in this very moment.

Concentrate on her completely.

It might seem like a love-making suggestion, yet many females would like their men to concentrate on their whole bodies. “I wish him to lick and then kiss everything right from my feet up to my neck. I want him to stimulate the feelings which come from somewhere besides my vagina”.

Perhaps investing some time on her inner thigh as well as kissing her wrist is not such a bad plan. As well as through doing so, she will most likely get it done to you also.

Extended, much more vocal oral sex.

A lot of women were hooked on performing for their men. What they quietly needed was instructions. Describing just how and the reason why you enjoy it while she’s down there. As well as sound; women secretly wish to hear you creating all sorts of pleasurable sounds that ensure them that they’re performing a good… job.

At this point, onto your actions down there. Exactly what do women secretly want? They really want you to get deep down in there with your mouth, make use of your hands and fingers, just in case necessary, penetrate her with your penis for a while, then get busy again with your lips and tongue.

Handle her just like a prostitute.

Fantasies, the appeal of them can be found in the fact that most are not fulfilled. However as one woman placed it: “I am fed up with being that valuable lady in bed. I’m sick and tired of ‘making love’ and performing things delicately constantly. I need him to have a rough sex with me and speak to me as if he only met me and is concerned not a thing as to what I want. I want him to ravish me like an animal as well as tell me to be quiet any time I try to say something.”

I assume, in the end, there are many women that wish to be  slutty in the bed. They basically concern that in case they act in this manner after that their men are going to think less of them, as well as some are actually afraid that their men will mistakenly start dealing with them in a different way outside the bedroom as well. However, a lot of women are big fans of scenarios such as the one described.

Get aggressive in bed.

Almost any woman I came across had the words “more aggressive sex” rushing off her tongue. From being tied up and spanked to getting their hair pulled as well as being slightly asphyxiated, the women were quite passionate about aggressive sex.

Obviously, I’m not indicating that you need to go home and smack your woman, but rather, maybe a little roughing in the bedroom will work miracles for your sex life. And if that’s not enough, these types of women didn’t simply want their men to be more aggressive; they wanted to, occasionally, be the aggressor.

Odd sexual fantasy.

One woman mentioned she secretly wished} her man to taste his own semen.

At this point before you decide to stop reading in total and utter disgust, she explained that she were in several relationships with men; men whom she believed were sexually ready to accept trying something new. Regrettably, any time she would swallow their semen, such men wouldn’t go near her mouth.

Not just was she insulted, but she couldn’t figure out how a man wouldn’t be interested in the way he tasted. In the end, she had no problem kissing him when he finished licking her up. Yet, no man has fulfilled her secret desire to kiss right after she swallows.

Of course, I did what I could to encourage these women to follow through on what they want to do in the bedroom by voicing their sexual desires. But in the end, it’s up to them to do it and it’s also up to you to find these things out in your own relationship.

Start communicating more openly about sex and you may end up discovering that your woman is more than willing to try new and interesting things. Enjoy.

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Dirty little secrets, or women sexual fantasies


It’s not simply guys that desire the threesome with a different attractive girl… ladies} do to! The truth is it’s the most popular} erotic fantasy for women.

Some women prefer the third party to be one of the women, some like it to be a man, however they obtain a kick from another person staying in the bedroom that they’ve on no account had sex with before.


Yet another one of leading fantasies females have… is domination and control. You’ll typically come across blended thoughts relating to this subject. Most women prefer to be the dominant one, whereas they dress up in latex type of clothes and dominatrix bodysuits as well as restrain the man. Some other ladies choose to be the submissive types and allowing the man to tie them up, blindfold them as well as have their way using them. Sex toys are a huge success in the domination fantasy.


Also referred to as the “rape fantasy”… I am aware, fairly nightmarish right? A number of women excavate the entire forced sex factor, being unable to get away from a huge and  powerful Hugh Jackman kind of man… however quietly enjoying each and every moment as well as obtaining an orgasm while she understands she shouldn’t.


Believe it or not, some women wish to engage in an intimate play with a hot lady, similar to the women you see as Victoria’s Secret models. After all who wouldn’t really, they’re pretty much desirable by a lot of people.The sensation of reaching to another woman who’s worshiped by men is a major turn on to some girls.


Ladies might appear like they are looking down on strippers whenever you question them regarding strip clubs, butjust out of sight they would love to strip for their man. Providing him the perfect lap dance he could possibly ever obtain by woman he loves.


A number of women prefer the swapping partners element, group sex with other people she may trust and experimenting along with other men while you’re playing around with other women. It’s a taboo topic which makes all of it extremely exciting.


From the time I was in school I couldn’t stop fantasizing about our manly teacher that each and every girl in school wanted… I haven’t stopped thinking of him bending me over the table and spanking my bum, telling me, that I am a mischievous little girl, for not doing my homework or laughing in class.

Role-playing is a huge matter for the women, we adore it. Therefore ensure you’re acting skills are up to scratch.


Ever before wished to create an amateur homemade porno? Well now’s your opportunity. Some women on a regular basis fantasies regarding being photographed nude, having intercourse on camera as well as displaying their erotic curves to the world. So make it happen for her. Not to mention, this little film could go to your home porn collection, so you can watch it together.


The thought of strolling through the shopping mall… seeing a man she likes as well as engaging in a hot sex in the bathroom in fact turns some women on. The public sex is a top sexual fantasy since it includes never seeing that guy ever again and living life on the wild side. Which can include you and your partner having sex in public, the thought of someone might see you is very exciting indeed.


Similar to some others observing you from the closet or even outside the bedroom window, or peeking through the door when you get it done? Some women seriously love it. So if you love your women, invite the friend you both know for some fun, beforehand asking your women about it.

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What does prostate massage feel like?

Here are some saucy confessions for you:

  • When my wife massages my prostate, I’ll occasionally get an incredible sensation of her finger being ‘inside’ my penis. I know it’s crazy, she’s not even touching my penis, but the feeling is there. It’s an amazingly wonderful sensation, but not strong enough to bring me to orgasm
  • I have or should say we have discovered that a prolonged prostate massage also increases the amount of ejaculate that is produced during the orgasm. When stimulated several times during sex it seems the build up of intensity is also a buildup of fluids I dont know why this is but the force of the orgas is stronger as is the hardnes of my penis as well as the voulume of fluids.
  • Can’t comment on what it feels like to receive obviously, but having given a prostate massage, I found it from the female perspective to be very arousing, not only the actual massage, but to see the Male recipient respond and enjoy it was just as exciting for me.
  • My tantric masseuse began the session by giving me the most incredible back massage ever, then she had me turn over onto my back, as she proceeded to massage the front of my body as well as my legs and feet. As I had become VERY “AROUSED”, she asked me if I was ready for the tantric/prostate portion of the massage session. I somehow managed to formulate the words to signal that I was ready and she then asked me to spread my legs for her. I could then hear her putting on a pair of latex exam gloves, which she lubricated. 
  • Next thing I know, she has my penis in one hand and her finger from her other hand pressing against my anus. She tells me to get ready, take a deep breath in through my nose and out through my mouth a couple of times. I had started “pushing” when she inserted her finger all the way. At first I really thought it felt weird and maybe this had been a mistake, but then she struck oil! The very second she found my prostate and began gently massaging and pressing on it, my erection went from rock hard to a friggin’ titanium rod!!! I didn’t know that it was possible to have an erection that large without bursting blood vessels all over the place. And then came the moment when I had the most amazing and powerful orgasm EVER. I swear that the earth’s rotational axis had momentarily shifted. 
  • It was absolutely amazing and heart stopping. Absolutely the most intense orgasm/ejaculation of my life. 
  • For me, all the above, plus when the prostate is massaged just so, I feel exquisite sensations “inside” my penis, like behind the frenulum.  Sometimes I can get this feeling from my Aneros, but most frequently when my wife massages my prostate.  It’s really mind blowing the first time, but intensely pleasurable.  At that point, I have to rub my penis & get an incredible strong orgasm.

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Perfection <3


Perfection <3

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breast fetish

All heterosexual and not really man are attracted to breasts. There is no ideal boobs for everyone, as our idea about beauty varies. However beautiful juicy breasts can attract a lot of attention, sometimes up to the fetish point.

Breast fetishism often known as mastofact, breast partialism, or mazophilia is a paraphilia greatly focused sexual interest in female breasts.

The expression “breast fetishism” in addition has been used to speak of social focus on female breasts along with the sexuality they symbolize. There exists a extensive curiosity with women’s breasts, and particularly their size.

Discussion exists on whether the contemporary common sexual attraction to breasts among heterosexual males of western society constitutes a sexual fetish. In medical literature of the 19th century, the focus on breasts was considered a form of paraphillia, but in modern times this interest is regarded as normal. Some have assigned the usage of tight clothing and the exhibit of cleavage to the rise in so-called breast fetishism. The expression can be used within ethnographic and feminist contexts to describe a society with a culture devoted to breasts, usually as sexual objects.

Man prefer all breast sizes as long as they are all natural. Here are some confessions on large breasts fetish:

  • During the course of my life I’ve known one inconsolable truth. No breasts will ever be big enough. I don’t know why I’m this way. Only that nothing conjures excitement and lust as readily as huge breasts. I also know that the bigger that I experience the larger I want or seek out. On the surface I confirm to societal norms because It’s easier. But the truth is I like women like this. I just wonder what is big enough
  • love big breasts nothing gets me wetter than humongous breasts. There is no greater pleasure than having another womans hard nipple against my tongue. I love submissive big breasted women who enjoy breast worship from pale pink to dark brown I love big delicious nipples placed upon at least 3 pounds of breast flesh. Watching big breasts bounce ,jiggle,sway and ripple with every suck as her hard nipples stare me in my face is the fastest way to make me ***. I watch big breast **** daily to get my fix I just wish more big breasted women would be open minded to letting a lesbian with a breast fetish have a little fun:(
  • I’ve always had a boob fetish and can never really explain it. Bigger is better to me, and even though it’s not the most important thing, there is nothing sexier than a woman with a bra size bigger than a DD.
  • I don’t really think that loving boobs is a fetish. I mean, nature intended for us to drink out of them from the beginning. But, some of us do “obsess” over them a bit more than others.
  • I take comfort in being turned on by all size boobs. I love laying my head in a nice C or D cup, but, A’s and B’s are totally fun to play with.

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